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Android Library to make it easy to create your CodeEditor or IDE for any programming language even for your programming language, just config the view with your language keywords and other attributes and you can change the CodeView theme in the runtime so it's made it easy to support any number of themes, and CodeView has AutoComplete and you can customize it with different keywords and tokenizers.

Main Features

  • Can support any programming language you want.
  • Can support AutoComplete and customize it with different tokenizers and design.
  • Can support any theme you want and change it in the runtime.
  • Syntax Highlighter depend on your patterns so you can support any features like TODO comment.
  • Can support errors and warns with different colors and remove them in the runtime.
  • Can change highlighter update delay time.
  • Support Code snippets and change it in the runtime.
  • Support optional Line Number with customization.
  • Support Auto indentation with customization.
  • Support highlighting matching tokens.
  • Support replace first and replace all matching tokens.

We are open to any new feature request, bug fix request, and pull request.