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A Statically typed, compiled general purpose low level programming language built using C++ and LLVM Infrastructure framework, the design was inspired from many programming languages with the goal to be simple and productive

import "cstdio"

fun main() {
    printf("Hello, World!\n");


  • Static Types
  • Type inference
  • Functions
  • Pointers and Function Pointer
  • Struct, Packed struct and Tuples
  • Single and Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Strong Enumeration
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Local and Global compile time constants declaraions
  • Import and Load statements and blocks
  • If, else if and else statements
  • If Else Expression
  • While statement
  • For range, Forever statements
  • For each statement with an optional name and step
  • Switch Statement and Expression
  • Break and continue statements with optional times
  • Declare Prefix, Infix, and Postfix functions
  • Binary, Logical, Comparisons, Bitwise Operators
  • Assignments Operators =, +=, -=, *=, /=
  • Singed and Un Singed Integer types
  • Standard C Headers as part of the Standard library
  • No implicit casting, every cast must be explicit to be clear
  • Defer Statement
  • Default initialization value for global and local variables
  • Resolving Constants Index, If Expressions at Compile time
  • Generic Programming


The design of Amun is inspired by a number of languages such as C, C++, Go, Rust, Jai, special thanks for every create language designer and for every open source project that share the creativity and knowledge.